Trump Says Queen Thinks Brexit Is 'Very Complex Problem'

Royal etiquette for the Trumps&apos visit Don't kiss the queen

Royal etiquette for the Trumps visit Don't kiss the queenMore

'I'm not going to take a large hammer and start smashing him over the head, ' Morgan stressed, admitting Trump would simply walk out and leave.

"Some of them are protesting in my favor, you know that?' Trump insisted".

During the Queen's 66-year reign there have been 13 American presidents - from Harry S Truman to Trump - and she has now met all of them barring Lyndon B Johnson. She said it's a very - and she's right - it's a very complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be. "Everyone thought it was going to be, oh it's simple, we join or don't join, or let's see what happens".

"She's the queen and she's 92 years old! That is a handsome woman", Trump told Piers Morgan in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Following the meeting, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan boarded Air Force One at Stansted Airport in Essex to speak with the U.S. president and asked him about the Queen, Brexit and Kim Jong Un.

So usually that helps. "I could fully understand why she thought it was tough".

"Just very elegant. And very lovely".

He said: "Oh, I think we're going to have a great trade deal, I've really no doubt about it".

U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Queen Elizabeth II, who he described as attractive "inside and out" following his meeting with her Friday. Up close, you see she's so lovely.

"It's a very, very unusual thing for the queen to be there on her own".

During an uproarious trip to Europe, Mr Trump has harangued members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance, scolded Germany for its dependence on Russian energy, and shocked Britain by publicly criticising Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

Trump later apologised to May for the furore over his withering public critique, blaming 'fake news' and promising instead a bilateral trade agreement with Britain after it leaves the European Union in March 2019.

Unlike with Prime Minister Theresa May earlier in the day and in previous meetings, Mr Trump did not attempt to hold the hand of his female host as they came down the stairs to inspect the troops.

He said: "I was walking up and I was saying (to Melania) 'Can you imagine my mother seeing this scene?" It was really something special.

"Right now I say we're competitors but for the United States, and frankly the UK and other places, to get along with Russian Federation and China and all of these other places".

He also spent time at Chequers, the prime minister's country residence, where he sought to heal wounds inflicted by an explosive newspaper interview in which he had said Mrs May's Brexit plans would kill any trade deal with the United States and that Boris Johnson would be a "great prime minister".

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