Donald Trump in Scotland for meetings and ‘hopefully golf’ as protesters gather

Activists outside the Trump Turnberry resort staged the first protest against the president’s visit

Activists outside the Trump Turnberry resort staged the first protest against the president’s visitDAVID CHESKIN PA

Trump has spent the week-long trip wreaking havoc in Europe, first at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels where he questioned the value of the decades-old alliance, and later in Britain, where he faced fallout from a stunning newspaper interview in which he undermined British Prime Minister Theresa May at an especially vulnerable time.

The Glasgow protest is one of several planned to take place in Scotland this weekend, as Mr Trump makes a "private visit" to his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire.

Other Scotlanders agreed, according to the Mail, and called on the British government to bill the USA for security costs incurred while Trump visited his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. At the time, he was the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and staff at the course wore caps with the message "made Turnberry great again" in a nod to his campaign slogan.

The environmental group said it had told police about the stunt 10 minutes before the glider arrived.

A police helicopter nearly drowned out the chants of the protesters in the Scottish capital as they were planning to launch into the sky the giant "Baby Donald" balloon - depicting the president as an angry orange baby.

The demonstrators gathered at The Meadows, a park in the Scottish capital where a giant balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an angry orange baby floated in the air. Cries of "Donald, Donald. naebody likes you", rang across the dunes as the protesters chanted: "Trump is a racist".

The protest took place before the controversial president had even touched down in Scotland.

Aides had said Trump would spend the weekend preparing to meet Putin on Monday in Helsinki, but the tweets showed other topics were on his mind.

Greenpeace flew a paraglider with a banner message reading "Trump well below par" above the resort on Friday evening.

Those gathered at the meadows heard speeches from campaigners punctuated by live music, while the Trump baby inflatable - depicting the United States president as a nappy-clad baby holding a mobile phone - was flown in the background.

One protester, posing as Spider-Man, carried a placard reminding the president that "with power comes responsibility".

"That's why I'm protesting against Trump", she added before yelling towards the hotel where Trump is staying: "That and the caging of babies - you big fat roaster!"

"Mr. Trump is passionate about his Scottish heritage, and I hope he enjoys his visit to Scotland".

"It's not acceptable that a president talks about grabbing women, separates children from their families and gives encouragement to fascist, racists, misogynists and homophobes", he said.

Some walking by viewed the demonstration as a waste of time. "Trump is a liar!" as hotel guests played golf just 100 yards away.

"I don't see the point", said Beth Anderson, 43, an office administrator from Edinburgh.

Writing for the Red Robin website, Mr Leonard said: "Donald Trump is not welcome here". We're not going to do it.' " Godley said Scottish people have grit to them and do not care to be bullied.

"I am confident that President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin will put America in a better place".

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