Donald Trump: ‘I will invite Kim Jong-un to White House’

With Khukris Rifles Singapore's Gurkhas To Guard Trump Kim Summit

U.S. lawmakers want Trump to report on North Korea nuclear program

Giuliani also told the audience that he does not think first lady Melania Trump believes that Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels.

"They have to de-nuke", Trump said.

"I think we're over that, totally over that, and now we're going to deal and we're going to really start a process", Trump said. It's about willingness to get things done.

If Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un make peace and agree to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula in their Singapore summit, the benefits would be felt across the region, not least in China, or so conventional wisdom has it.

"I think it's going to be a very fruitful meeting, I think it's going to be an exciting meeting".

Trump's critics say the consequences of failed talks are great, and that it would be hard for the administration to revive diplomatic efforts for sanctions if talks collapse at the summit. "If they don't denuclearise that will not be acceptable".

"We can't step through this over years, but rather need to acknowledge it will take some amount of time, that this doesn't happen instantaneously".

The goal of Trump's "maximum pressure campaign" is to press North Korea to return to dialogue and produce desirable outcomes from talks. "We have a list of over 300 massive, in some cases, sanctions to put on North Korea, and I've chose to hold that until we can make a deal". You'll know how well we do in the negotiation.

"They. said they were going to go to nuclear war with us, they were going to defeat us in a nuclear war", Mr Rudy Giuliani told a Tel Aviv investment conference, according to the newspaper. Any deal reached as a result of the meeting between Trump and the North Korean leader Kim would be brought before the Congress for its stamp of approval so that it can not be reversed by any future administration, said Pompeo, who is spearheading the American efforts for talks with Pyongyang. "So this isn't a question of preparation, it's a question of whether or not people want it to happen, and we'll know that very quickly".

Administration officials indicated that Trump actually was putting in preparation time. National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis noted the president met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton on Thursday afternoon "to continue their strategic discussions" ahead of the summit.

"Iran is not the same country that it was a few months ago", Trump told reporters at the White House at a joint press conference on Thursday with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

He said Trump's approach is "fundamentally different" from prior administrations. "This has already driven us to a place we've not been able to achieve before", he said.

A Hong Kong-based entertainer who impersonates the North Korean leader said he was detained at Changi Airport after returning to Singapore ahead of the historic summit planned for Tuesday.

Since a beaming Kim held a summit in April with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the In & Out cafe in Jeonju city, three hours south of the capital Seoul, has been serving lattes decorated with frothy images of the two leaders. The reactor had been designed and built by North Korean technicians, and ten of them were killed in the attack.

Abe, on his second trip to Washington in less that two months, warned Trump not to put his guard down around Kim, but that he hoped the summit was a "transformational moment" for northeast Asia. North Korea has not made public any list of individuals in their delegation to Singapore.

The Trump administration pursued tough economic sanctions against North Korea under a "maximum pressure" campaign created to force Kim to bargain over his nuclear arsenal.

The Japanese leader is seeking to ensure that Trump's efforts to negotiate an agreement with Kim don't harm Japan's interests.

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