Amazon to broadcast 20 Premier League matches per season

Executive Chairman of the Premier League remembers Vic Wakeling

Image Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore

The global online retailer will show 20 Premier League matches a season for three years in Britain, starting from the 2019/20 season, the league said on Thursday (June 7).

"Prime Video will be an excellent service on which fans can consume live Premier League football - including for the first time in the United Kingdom a full round of matches", he said.

Amazon has secured the rights to show English Premier League football matches for the first time in further evidence of their financial might in the bidding wars for sports events, the league said Thursday. The fixtures will be over two periods in December, and that some will clash with each other - although an Amazon spokesperson pointed out to me that you could still watch multiple matches at the same time, on different devices if you wish if you like to multitask.

It has now been confirmed that the U.S. company has bought one of those packages, with BT taking the other. Sky and BT will televise the vast majority of matches on offer, totalling 180 in all.

The 20 additional matches will cost the telco £90m, bringing the total cost for 52 games to £975 million over three years. The Verge notes that BT and Sky are paying the equivalent of about $12.5 million per game.

Amazon is not the only tech company hungry for live sports. Last year, the company agreed to pay about $US50 million ($63 million) to stream 10 "Thursday Night Football" games in the United States, an arrangement that Amazon and the NFL have since extended for even more money.

Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said the league's revenue sharing remained the most equitable in Europe but it was time to amend an agreement dating back to 1992. This will make it the first time a full round of Premier League matches will be broadcast live in the UK.

The Premier League have also released details of the rights deals for the Republic of Ireland.

Recent days have seen claims that BT Sport and Amazon had taken one each of the previously unsold pair of deals, that has now been confirmed.

"Crucially, Amazon does not need to offer the best matches to boost take-up of Prime but only some matches", they said.

Prime membership now costs $12.99 a month, after going up by $2 in January. "Over these two December fixture rounds Prime members will be able to watch every team, every game, so no matter which Premier League team you support, you're guaranteed to see them play live on Prime Video".

In contrast, the Premier League will be delighted with this outcome after having secured a leading online giant.

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