Snap introduces Snappables-new Lenses for playing augmented reality games with friends


Snapchat's new Snappables let you play augmented reality games with friends

You can play alone or invite friends to play with you - they will be able to challenge you to play for high scores or you can enjoy a collaborative effort with multiplayer games. Control schemes will change depending on the game, with some titles offering traditional touch controls while others will be controlled by movement and still others will even be controlled by Snapchat users' facial expressions. Not only that, new Lenses are coming to the multimedia messaging app as well.

Snapchat is releasing seven new templates into the Lens Studio that will let creators to build digital masks.

The company claims that Snappables is a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in AR anytime and anywhere. According to the company, Snappables will have a special goal in the upcoming augmented reality games. Snapchat says that it will be launching new games every week and that popular games will stick around for some more time.

The teaser video also shows off some of the augmented reality games that are coming to Snapchat.

As witnessed in the Snappables trailer, you can fight aliens in an Space Invaders-style game by moving your head around, or pump iron at the gym with your eyebrows. Users need to choose one and get the game face on.

Snappables live right where Lenses do.

The update is rolling out to Snapchat users this week.

Lastly, the company feels that these new Snappables as just the beginning of a new type of AR experience on Snapchat.

Snapchat has just announced Snappables.

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