Gmail web users can now hit 'snooze' after Google redesign



There is a simple step for people who want to get their hands on the new Gmail and want to try out the new features.

Sometime back we reported that Google is planning a complete overhaul of Gmail.

But let's start from the beginning.

But the biggest change is its collection of new security features.

Google reckons this will save 100 million emails from being opened unnecessarily. There's also a link to the new "snooze" feature here. Email can be sent with an expiration date (kind of like a Snapchat message), and there are more options for revoking messages after they're sent.

Meanwhile, Gmail on desktop is getting a nifty feature that was previously only available on your phone: Smart Replies.

The updates can be used from Wednesday, although some features will appear in the coming weeks. Basically, Gmail will try to figure out whether an email you missed is important to you and remind you to follow up automatically sometime later. The ability to forward, copy, download, or print messages can also be removed. Curiously, you can't set specific reminder times, which seems like an oversight to me.

Confidential mode adds several new features to email that allow much more control over information after it leaves your inbox. On the web, users can view Tasks in that app's new side panel interface. You can store up to 90 days of emails and even search through them. Smart Replies essentially lets the platform suggest you quick replies with the help of a machine learning algorithm. The most obvious change is the new look which is more in keeping with the aesthetics of Material Design, but it's the new features that Google is most keen to talk about. All you have to do is type the + sign and start typing until you see the contact information for the person you're looking for.

The same way Priority Inbox attempts to learn which messages are most important, a new mobile notification system aims to filter the noise and only alert users to crucial messages. Like before, you can choose between three density settings: default, comfortable and compact.

You can now mention people in the email body which will automatically add them to the recepicant list.

That's more or less what to expect from the new Gmail client. There are also options to archive, delete or snooze messages with a single click. You can still sort and filter emails into different folders/categories.

Your Gmail experience won't change immediately, unless you tap the gear icon (for settings) and turn on the new website look.

Sadly, one of my favorite Inbox features, the automatic grouping of travel emails (think flight confirmations, auto and hotel reservations etc.) into a single bundle, has not made the move to Gmail (yet). You can manage tasks created in Gmail or Calendar from the app. As usual, you'll be able to switch back and forth at first.

It is Google's most extensive update to software in its G Suite workplace bundle since accelerating efforts to steal business from Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) dominant Office workplace software suite.

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