Trump to Host Saudi Crown Prince Next Week

Britain Saudi ink deals worth $2 billion

Saudis eye drones in Typhoon deal

Some of those held at Riyadh's luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel were deprived of sleep, roughed up, interrogated with their heads covered and pressured to hand over large assets, the report said, citing relatives and associates of detainees.

Hong Kong is emerging as an increasingly like compromise solution: it does not have as strict transparency rules as either the London Stock Exchange or NYSE, and it will allow Saudi Arabia to tap more Chinese capital, which is not something to be ignored.

The government has yet to actually seize numerous assets, leaving the former detainees and their families in limbo. One person who saw the corpse of the officer, Maj. France and Britain are the other two countries that he is visiting.

Major General al-Qahtani was an aide to the son of the late Saudi King Abdullah.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince's visit to Washington is part of a three-leg visit, with Mohammed bin Salman having visited Egypt and the United Kingdom earlier in March as part of a long foreign trip, his first as crown prince.

One former detainee, forced to wear a tracking device, has sunk into depression as his business collapses.

"I would guess it is about evens that there will be no worldwide IPO", said a high-level source familiar with the preparations, saying they were proving to be a disappointment.

At least 17 detainees were subjected to physical abuse during the anti-corruption crackdown, spearheaded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in order to extract their wealth for their freedom, the Times has found.

Saudi officials approached by the Times over the allegation said: "All allegations of abuse and torture of those investigated during the anti-corruption proceedings are absolutely untrue". The official added that the detainees had "full access" to legal counsel and medical care.

In November, Gen. Qahtani was taken to an elite hospital near the hotel for radiological scans and other treatment, where he showed signs of having been beaten, according to a doctor briefed on his condition.

The king's decision came from "his concern over combating corruption in all its forms aiming to protect the homeland and its resources, maintain public money and protect the integrity of the public employment", according to Saudi state media.

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