Fitbit Ace Is A New Wearable Fitness Band For Kids

Fitbit Versa brings female health tracking and a much-improved design

Fitbit Versa smartwatch brings women's health tracking and a curvier design

Fitbit is taking another stab at the smartwatch market after its first attempt with the Ionic fell short of expectations.

It has numerous same features as the Ionic, and some new ones, too. According to Fitbit, 60 percent of smartwatch users are male.

Fitbit's Versa feels much more comfortable on my wrist than the Ionic did. The Ionic is bulky, angular, and not suitable for every size wrist - the Versa gets rid of all those pain points.

With the latter, users can access medical expertise via "judgement-free content developed with Fitbit advisors Katharine White, MD, MPH, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University, and Larry Tiglao, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Stanford Healthcare's Los Olivos Women's Medical Group in Los Gatos, CA". With all that included, Fitbit says the Versa will still last over four days in battery life.

As for the new smartwatch, the Versa comes with a heart rate monitor, steps and workout tracking, and it's waterproof so it can count your laps in the pool - all features also offered by the Apple Watch.

Why the discrepancy? Melanie Chase, Fitbit's VP of marketing, told us the reason is that adoption for NFC payments has been slow in the States.

The company is also debuting its new female health tracking where female users can track their menstrual cycle and view holistic health data.

It's not a groundbreaking innovation, but giving you dynamic cycle predictions allows you to log your symptoms easily and mark when you're likely to be less active.

"The challenge of inactivity with our children is not going away and is only estimated to get worse as they get older, dropping nearly 40 minutes per year from ages 9 to 15", Chris Watts, executive director of the National Fitness Foundation, told Fitbit in a statement.

Fitbit will fold data about your cycle into the watch's Today app.

You can get even more granular details in the Fitbit app, which will also feature educational content on menstrual cycles, ovulation, fertility, and more. Some of these are functions that you didn't know you needed, but once you experience them, you won't be able to envision your life without them.

Female health tracking is coming to the Ionic in Spring 2018.

There are now a range of other menstrual trackers available. Presumably, however, the company decided it doesn't want to overload kids with stats that, in the long run, might do more harm than good to their mental and physical health. Most standard fitness trackers nowadays can track your steps taken, distance traveled, how ...

For starters, the bezel is much thinner around the display.

The Versa brings a rounder design than its predecessor. The 39mm device is slightly wider than the smallest 36mm Apple Watch, and Fitbit could still stand to slim down the bezels surrounding the touchscreen (while ditching the Fitbit logo on the chin). It has a heart rate tracker built in (same as the Ionic) and offers 15+ exercise modes. The Fitbit Versa is not meant for buyers wanting to ditch their smartphone while running or engaging in some other workout session.

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