After Dix's resignation, Iowa GOP senators vow to finish strong

The House Chambers in the Iowa Capitol Building in Des Moines on Wednesday Mar. 7 2018

The House Chambers in the Iowa Capitol Building in Des Moines on Wednesday Mar. 7 2018

Sen. Bill Dix, the leader of Iowa's GOP-controlled state Senate, abruptly announced his resignation effective immediately after meeting with Republican colleagues around 1 p.m. Don Coram, a Montrose Republican, has requested in a bill that would provide grants to schools that want to buy radio technology that allows them to communicate more directly with emergency responders.

GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds told reporters Monday morning she planned to meet with Dix in the afternoon.

Republicans in the GOP-controlled chamber plan to elect a new majority leader on Wednesday.

"This is an unfortunate end for Senator Dix, one which clearly demonstrates that the Senate Republicans have done nothing, besides firing the victim, to address the serious issues of sexual harassment that continue to plague their caucus and party", the statement read.

"Iowans hold their elected officials to a high standard, and as elected officials, we have an obligation to lead", she said.

The people who captured the moment on their camera phone say they recognized Dix from media reports, including those surrounding the Senate Republican's sexual harassment trial and settlement.

Bill Dix making out video: Mystery blonde lobbyist identity kept under wraps (for now).


Bill Dix talks about the Senate Republicans' efforts to address sexual harassment in their caucus on November 14. Kirsten Anderson was initially awarded $2.2 million in a wrongful-termination suit when she was sacked just hours after filing the allegations in 2013.

Dix has maintained the ex-staffer was sacked for poor performance. Some called for Dix's resignation over the Senate's treatment of the case, which was settled for $1.75 million and resulted in the creation of a human resources manager position to handle harassment complaints down the road.

An internal report later revealed senators made 'sexually suggestive comments' or discussed 'sexual preferences' on the chamber floor in recent years, and staff members in the Republican Senate office were unlikely to report misconduct because of fear of retaliation. Dix first served in the Iowa House for 10 years, then left in 2006 for a failed congressional run. Dix is married and has three teenage to college-aged children.

Pictured, Republican Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix on his wedding day. He became majority leader after GOP lawmakers took control of the chamber following the 2016 election.

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