Sen Warren not Running for President in 2020

WAR PATH'Can you imagine covering Bernie or Pocahontas? How about that? Trump asked the crowd Saturday night

WAR PATH'Can you imagine covering Bernie or Pocahontas? How about that? Trump asked the crowd Saturday night

Sen. Elizabeth Warren graciously declined request from a MA media outlet challenging her to take a DNA test in order to prove her Native American heritage.

In February, Warren directly addressed the controversy around her claims of heritage in a surprise speech to the National Congress of American Indians, where she promised to fight for issues of importance to Native Americans.

"I know who I am and never used it for anything", Warren said Sunday in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press". "It's a part of me, and nobody is going to take that part of me away - not ever", Warren said. "It's about my family's story because my family's story is deeply apart of me and apart of my brothers". That doesn't rule out that she won't eventually run for president, and her interviewer, CNN's Jim Acosta, should have noticed this and nailed her down as to whether she WILL run for president.

Later on Sunday, Warren repeated her defense nearly verbatim when Berkshire Eagle editorial and the subject of her ancestry were again brought up during on interview on Fox News Sunday.

"My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma".

On Sunday, Warren cited a promise she made to the Native American leaders last month to refocus the issue on challenges facing their communities. "And never used it for anything, never got any benefit out of it anywhere", she said.

Trump referred to Warren as "Pocahontas" at the rally, a derogatory reference to her controversial claims of Cherokee heritage.

When Todd asked her why she is against knowing the results for sure, Warren replied: 'I do know. "I think she needs to come up with a better answer than this". "I am running for the United States Senate in 2018 MA, whoo-hoo". And he was head over heels in love with her and wanted to marry her.

Roberts said a local paper in western MA that previously endorsed her Senate run urged her to "take the spit test" as a way to silence critics, including the president. "That is just fundamentally wrong". Native women are subjected to sexual violence at rates much higher than any other group in our country. "We need to put some focus on this and we need to make some changes on this".

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