SNL's Robert Mueller can't commit to collusion in Bachelor sendup

Kate Mc Kinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions Cecily Strong as Contestant during


Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as portrayed by his "Saturday Night Live" doppelganger, made the tough decision to pursue President Trump on obstruction charges, rather than collusion with the Russian government, to a heartbroken voter's dismay.

"Baby, I'm scared", he says to his wife. "I'm just trying to be honest with you in telling you I can't commit to collusion right now".

To which a stunned Becca replied, "You don't have Trump on collusion?"

Unlike the actual Bachelor finale, in which 27-year-old Becca Kufrin was chosen to be the lucky bride only to be dumped afterward, the SNL version showed Becca having her heart broken by Mueller's confession that he doesn't have enough to nail U.S. President Donald Trump for colluding with Russian Federation.

"I've been struggling a little bit over the last few months just, like trying to figure this whole thing out and like grasp everything, and the reality is that I don't - I don't think that I can give you everything that you want right now, you know, and I think you sense that", McKinnon says as Mueller to Strong.

"I have to wait two more years for him to be out of office", Strong asks, mortified.

After a lot of crying in the bathroom and anxious, nervous silence, Kufrin asked the question on many viewers minds: "So that's it?"

"So that's it? He's just gonna be president?" More to the point, it was "like This Is Us but without the parts that feel good"-which Brown alluded to in his monologue when he said news is the only thing on TV sadder than his show". As for the collusion question, well, Democrats banking on Trump collusion findings might want to heed SNL's quiet warning. "The This Is U.S." sketch features host Sterling K. Brown playing Ben Carson in a video that spoofs the NBC series' tendency to draw out sobs along with Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pete Davidson as Jared Kushner and Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, the one person who can't cry because "I have nothing in me". "A drama so unnerving you can't look away".

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