Mark Hamill honoured with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Watch Mark Hamill Ignite a 'Star War' With Jimmy Kimmel On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Mark Hamill & Jimmy Kimmel Are in a Star War - Watch!

"Mark Hamill is a character that can't be written", said Lucas. "He's extremely enthusiastic about everything he does and that is exactly what I was looking for when I was looking for Luke Skywalker".

He ended his speech by praising Hamill for how he's lived his life and embraced it along the way. "There were a lot more people that showed up for my star", he cracked. "When part of me doubts I deserve such an honor, I remind myself that someone got a "Star" for just one crappy reality show".

Ford also made reference to Carrie Fisher, whose death in 2016 sent ripples all over the world but especially with those who knew her. "He is, as he always was, a quiet, sincere, honest person".

Fans had to say goodbye to Hamill's career-defining performance of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, in which the hero sacrificed himself in hopes of helping others escape from the treacherous First Order.

"Thank you all so much".

"Mark Hamill, I feel is top notch", said Percy Chang, who waited in line for about eight hours. "It's hard to convey my gratitude, my joy, the exhilaration of being recognized this way". "I haven't been speechless since Force Awakens".

The 66-year-old Californian has appeared in some 70 movies which were nothing to do with Lucasfilm's space opera, not to mention nearly 200 TV shows, but will always be thought of as ingenue farm boy turned pan-galactic lightsaber-wielding hero Luke Skywalker. "So whatever fates led me to his doorstep, he changed my life in a way that still reverberates today".

"He also gave me the great advice: 'Hey kid, don't get cocky, '" he added.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and is major tourist attraction. He closed out the event saying, "If it weren't for the public, I'd be nowhere".

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