French FM faces criticism on Iran visit

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French FM Aware of Iran's Stances: Velayati

"No country can decide for us or others".

Le Drian should avoid adopting any negative position against Iran if Paris seeks to bolster relations with Tehran, said Velayati.

That continued with Iran's armed forces spokesman, Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, who this weekend said over the weekend that Tehran would only give up its missiles when the West abandons nuclear arms. Our answer is clear: "Make the [deal] a successful experience and then we discuss other issues", Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister and chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araghchi said in February. "At present, two groups have violated the nuclear deal: the United States and the Europeans".

It's unclear how much of an effect Le Drian's talks will have in Iran, especially as newspapers greeted him Monday with headlines calling him an "impudent guest" and "Trump's Parisian servant".

He emphasized that Iran's military prowess is strictly for defensive and deterrent purposes, saying the country must only rely on its own deterrent power to defend its citizens.

"It's indispensable for the security of the region and so we need a mechanism of sanctions and control adapted to that", Macron said.

Earlier, Iran said it will not negotiate over its ballistic missiles until the United States and Europe dismantle nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, a top Iranian military official said on Saturday.

"Explaining the reason behind this action, Javan continued, "[He] wanted to convey the reality to the French foreign minister that the view of [Iranian] officials and people concerning national interests is the same and that the Islamic Republic is not willing to hand over its rights".

Ali Akbar Velayeti made the remarks a day after French Foreign Minister paid a visit to Tehran and met with Iran's SNSC Secretary Ali Shamkhani and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The French foreign minister, for his part, said his country is strongly determined to implement the JCPOA and has carried out many practical measures in this regard. According to the French Treasury, Iran's trade exchanges with France stood at €3.8 billion a year ago.

"They want to take the power of defence from the Iranian nation".

Also, France's oil and gas company, Total, has signed an agreement worth $4.8 billion for the development of South Pars Phase 11.

Javan emphasized, "The Europeans have been affected by the psychological maneuvering of [Donald] Trump to pressure the Islamic Republic to hold talks for a complementary JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], and this issue led Shamkhani to tell the French foreign minister explicitly that 'Europe's policy of giving concessions to the U.S. to keep it within the JCPOA is incorrect and means passivity and surrendering to the psychological games of Trump'".

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