Vivo APEX Has A Hidden Front Camera

This phone of the future has a pop up selfie camera and half-screen fingerprint scanner

This phone's camera pops up to take your selfie -- for reals

The Vivo APEX concept smartphone continues the company's bold push to create true FullView designs that make the bezel almost extinct, as seen on phones like the V7, V7+, X20, and X20 Plus.

It's no secret that smartphone screen bezels are getting smaller. Companies have been trying to figure out a way to maximise screen space while still retaining the front facing camera.

Having such thin bezels required Vivo to reimagine the front camera, which it did in the form of the "8MP Elevating Front Camera". The phone's screen spends the entire body, and one question comes to mind, "where are the earpiece and front camera?"

The phone is called the Apex FullView. And then fast forward to January this year, Vivo unveiled the X20 Plus UD which is the world's first mass-produced smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanning. This transforms the entire bottom half of the OLED screen and the user can touch any of the bottom halves of the screen to perform fingerprint recognition and unlock.

Unfortunately, anyone hoping to get their hands on this phone will need to wait.

Shockingly, this phone also packs a headphone jack, even including a DAC for improved quality on high-end headphones. While this is - again - a concept, this might be the reality we are quickly approaching. Vivo is employing something similar that it calls Screen SoundCasting Technology that sounds the vibrations right through the display. No doubt we'll be seeing them in not only this phone but other manufacturers' offerings in the not-to-distant future.

Vivo wants to make bezels a thing of the past.

Like we already said, this phone is now a concept, and hence, we don't know when exactly will it be available in the market for purchase.

The "Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning", as the name suggests, makes use of nearly half of the phone screen as a fingerprint scanner instead of the circular icon illuminating on the screen as in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo X20PlusUD. Vivo also included in their statement that "compared to other audio solutions for bezel-less smartphones, [Screen SoundCasting Technology] conserves power, reduces sound leakage, and optimizes low to high pith (sic) sound for a better and more balanced audio experience".

Chinese consumers get first dibs on the world's first phone with an under-screen fingerprint reader. Flip over the front-facing camera and in 0.8 seconds an 8-megapixel lens rises up from the phone's top edge. Check out The Verge's hands-on video below. I hope to see this concept in a real product soon.

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