Black Panther could have Titanic or Force Awakens box office numbers

Illustration by Kennedy Swift | Staff Illustrator

Illustration by Kennedy Swift | Staff Illustrator

Okay, sure, that's bigger than the 41% drop for Deadpool's first Monday, but the R-rated superhero flick (which opened on this same weekend in 2016) had an $11 million Monday for a (still superb) $163.7m five-day total.

It was written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) who at the age of 31 is rightfully becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

"Black Panther's global debut (of $184.6 million) forever slams the door on the myth that predominately black films can't make money overseas", said Jeff Bock, a senior box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations.

Black Panther is the record-breaking Marvel movie that has drawn in masses to the cinemas, showcasing the gorgeous world of Wakanda and perfectly combining classic comic book humour with respectful nods to African culture. The film brought in an opening of $361 million around the world.

Last week, Variety reported that the film had become the most tweeted-about movie of the year so far, having amassed more than five million tweets on the social platform.

Black Panther, though, surely received an additional boost from positive buzz, rave reviews - it now has a 97% rating on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes - and huge social media awareness. I wanted people to feel like this is a really fresh storyline, and I think we succeeded in that.

Black Panther #1 is a creative challenge for me.

"So in the film it is more than hinted at that they're a couple, but there is a scene directly after Killmonger takes the throne where you hear both characters articulate their point of view as to why they should or shouldn't follow this man and it's one of the most well-acted scenes I've ever been a part of".

But Black Panther is more than an exercise in representation. We want Nakia to ride in on a Rhino and to be wearing an awesome headpiece like T'Challa's mum, and for King T'Challa to be ceremoniously shirtless, if possible.

Walt Disney's Black Panther continued to make box office history on its first non-holiday day of release.

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