Woman in India 'marries' twice posing as man to get dowry

Woman Arrested For Posing As Man, Marrying 2 Women To Extort Money

Woman poses as man to marry two women in Nainital, harasses them for dowry

A woman in India was arrested for posing as a man in order to marry two women and demand dowries from their families.

A 31-year-old woman from Uttarakhand was on Thursday arrested by police for convincingly posing as a man to marry two women and allegedly torturing first wife for dowry.

The second wife, whom Sen married in April 2016, had been a guest at her first wedding. She told the Uttarakhand woman, identified as Kamini, that she was the son of a businessman from Aligarh, said the police. Now, the police are also searching for the Sweety's family who visited the two women places to fix the marriage.

When Sweety Sen took on a man's clothes and mannerisms, she also took on the perverse power patriarchy gives a man, and allegedly used it to exploit other women. She used to threaten to kill me after she married another woman. She used the account to get in touch with women, Khanduri said.

The first wife eventually went to police to accuse her husband of beating her up and demanding more dowry money.

In 2014, Sen travelled to Haldwani's Kathgodam area to meet a woman she befriended on the social media website. She also told police that during both the marriages she had "fake" physical relationship using sex toys due to which the women failed to find out about her gender. She accused him of taking Rs 8.5 lakh from her family, saying that she needed the money for a factory she owned in Haridwar.

Woman posing as man marries twice held after dowry complaint
Nainital: Woman pretends to be man, marries 2 women for dowry

According to Janmejay Khanduri, a Nainital SSP, 22-year-old Sweety Sen was recently taken into custody and charged with torture. She then allegedly chatted with several women on social media.

"The girl from Kaladhungi came to know that Krishna was not a man, but she lured her to keep silent by promising her money". "Sen had convinced her that she was a man".

The two married the same year and started living in a rented house in Nainital district's Haldwani town, but Sen soon started assaulting the woman for dowry, police said. I did not register a complaint.

"Krishna has been booked for forgery and not for dowry".

Police say Ms Sen developed a taste for the finer things in life after accruing dowry payments from her new wives.

Sen was sent to Haldwani jail on Wednesday evening.

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