Bill and Melinda Gates release 2018 Letter

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Bill and Melinda Gates join playwright Lin Manuel Miranda at Hunter College in New York on Tuesday

"So it's discouraging to hear that kind of talk".

Like many others, Melinda Gates wishes US President Donald Trump would treat women with more respect, when he speaks and tweets. As presumed, some of the questions on the list come from the Gates Foundation's most staunch critics looking for real commentary on how and why Bill and Meldina believe they can impart their influence, financial or celebrity related, in areas, they are relatively nascent at.

Are you imposing your values on other cultures?

"They do feel like they'd rather give their money away than have it captured by estate taxes", he said. "They go down", the letter says. "It's not the world that I see".

These views are shared by others in similar positions.

We've picked four of Melinda and Bill's answers to these questions that are most pertinent to the readers of StartupSmart and SmartCompany.

"Tech pioneer Bill Gates thinks the US can keep its historically influential role as a global leader".

The question of saving children versus overpopulation in poor countries is one that Melinda Gates said she and her husband asked themselves early in the foundation's history.

But for this year, the co-founders of the world's richest philanthropy have instead opted to answer a selection of critical and skeptical questions about the foundation's work and the power it wields.

What is most evident in the letter is how passionate the Gates are about what they do. I think he should be treated like the robber baron that he is.

Melinda Gates also acknowledged that the foundation wields outsized influence because of her family's vast wealth. It's nearly the entirety of our children's lives.

The annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates usually paints a rosy view, with carefully curated success stories from the battle against global disease and poverty, and praise for new technologies backed by the Gates Foundation.

A White House spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

On Trump, the founder of Microsoft wrote that "the America First worldview concerns me", and the pair also said his proposed cuts to foreign aid would affect their charitable work. He said that he was reassured that Congress had so far resisted the president's demands to cut aid and that he and his wife had increased their visits to Republican members of Congress to stress the importance of maintaining the aid budget. Gates remains neutral in the letter, stating that "we agree on some things and disagree on others", although he does say that he disagrees with the Trump administration "more than the others we've met with". "We keep talking to them because if the USA cuts back on its investments overseas, people in other countries will die, and Americans will be worse off", he said in the letter.

One of the questions in the letter is about what happens when the two of them disagree. When Melinda was in high school - at Ursuline Academy of Dallas - she volunteered in the public schools, tutoring students who were falling behind in math. Bill's parents advocated for a dizzying number of important causes and local organizations in Seattle, everything from United Way and the University of Washington to school levy campaigns.

Their approach to giving has shifted the philanthropy world as a whole.

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