HTC's smartphone chief and ex-CFO, Chialin Chang, resigns

HTC mobile chief resigns before the unveiling of company's last flagship HTC U12

HTC's Smartphone Chief Chialin Chang Resigns

So far, HTC has not named a successor to Chang.

HTC hasn't given a lot of details about what led to his position being terminated, the official press release only mentions that Chang has made a decision to move on from the company because of his "personal career plan".

Chialin Chang joined the company as CFO back in April 2012.

On the other hand, Chang's position with HTC was no longer as relevant as it used to be.

The president of HTC's smartphone and connected devices business, Chialin Chang, resigned from the company on Wednesday, February 14, an investor announcement said.

There is some moving and shaking going on at HTC, which is seemingly the result of Google acquiring key members from the company's smartphone team. It is, however, reported by some local news sources that the departure is part of Chang's plan to establish an AI startup later this year.

The company did not mention who will take over this role, but it's obvious that Chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang will have to work more to find a replacement.

As for the smartphone market of HTC, it has not completely ended its business. The company is already having a bad time, yet another bad news for it arrives, where HTC's President of Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, Chialin Chang, has resigned. In the deal, most of HTC's smartphone design team moved over to Google.

HTC may not launch its next flagship at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2018 later this month, but it should formally unveil it shortly afterward.

It's been a rough few years for HTC. Some speculate that the HTC U12 might be the company's last flagship, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

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