WH Refutes Reports That General John Kelly Is Leaving Position

WH Refutes Reports That General John Kelly Is Leaving Position

WH Refutes Reports That General John Kelly Is Leaving Position

Some complained that Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, who learned in January 2017 that Porter was concerned about potentially damaging accusations from two ex-wives, had not been forthcoming enough about what he knew.

Mr Trump's call for due process does reflect a fear shared by others that the #MeToo movement has gained so much momentum that in some cases, men accused of misconduct are being judged too quickly or punished too severely for sexual behavior that falls into a gray area. Nor, like his Oval Office remarks, did he mention the ex-wives who went public with the charges of domestic abuse.

"Everyone loved him. People commented all the time how lucky I was". And they tried to clarify the reaction from Trump, who has yet to offer a sympathetic word to the women who said they had been abused. "He said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent", Trump said.

"We recognize that you and the President have tremendous discretion in deciding whom to hire to work in the White House", the letter read. Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly have been accused of failing to take the allegations of violence seriously and of protecting an abuser; on Saturday, Trump tweeted, "Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation".

Hicks, perhaps Trump's most trusted aide, had helped craft the response to the scandal as White House communications director, despite being romantically involved with Porter.

Sorensen's former wife Jessica Corbett told the daily that he was physically abusive to her while they were married.

"Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation", Trump said in a tweet, after Staff Secretary Rob Porter and speech writer David Sorensen resigned this week.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump would address massive crowds to chants of "lock her up", referencing his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

"The general is there to put in policies and processes and procedures".

"I'm going to keep standing with them, and trusting them, even if the president won't", she said.

The White House was forced to quell rumors that Kelly was ready to resign.

In reality, he has struggled to hire high-caliber staff, with many experienced Washington operatives keeping their distance.

On Friday evening, the White House announced new posts for 31 officials, including elevating to acting staff secretary Derek Lyons, another Harvard Law School-educated lawyer, who formerly worked on Capitol Hill and had been Porter's No. 2.

Shah refused to confirm in detail when and how Kelly in particular became aware of the claims, or Hicks's role in shaping the White House response.

The emerging timeline illustrates the degree to which Porter, a clean-cut and ambitious former Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law School-educated lawyer, concealed troublesome episodes from his past that would normally be considered disqualifying for a senior White House aide. "The president and chief of staff have full confidence in his abilities and his performance", said spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Porter's first wife said he kicked her and posted an image of herself with a black eye, which she says she received from Porter punching her.

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