Russian plane crashes with 71 people on board

71 feared dead after Saratov Airlines crashes outside Moscow: reports

Russian Passenger Jet With 71 Aboard Crashes Near Moscow

A Boeing 737 operated by low-priced airline FlyDubai crashes as it reportedly tries to land for a second time in bad weather in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, killing all 55 passengers and seven crew on board. Russia's Investigative Committee will consider all possible causes, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

November 17: A Boeing 737 owned by Russian company Tatarstan crashes at Kazan airport while travelling from Moscow, killing 50 passengers and crew. Putin was to meet Monday with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the Black Sea resort, where the president has an official residence.

Unnamed investigators told Russian website that the pilot asked for emergency landing clearance after reporting some type of malfunction, according to the BBC.

The Moscow region has been hit by particularly heavy snowfalls in recent days, but it is not known whether this was a factor in the crash.

Interfax news agency said one Swiss national had been among the passengers. Tass reports it re-entered service for Saratov Airlines in February 2017.

Preliminary reports say the Antonov An-148, a narrow-body regional airliner, was reportedly carrying 65 passengers and six crew.

The plane that got into crash was 7 year old made and it was bought by Saratov airlines from another Air line about an Year ago. Footage on state television showed them strewn across a snowy field with no buildings nearby.

Pieces of the plane were found in the Ramenskoye region less than 25 miles west of the airport, the ministry said.

The plane had disappeared from radar screens soon after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport on a flight to the city of Orsk. The jet, which departed from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport en route to Orsk, slammed into the ground shortly after takeoff, according to ABC News.

A source told Russian media there were "no survivors".

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