Israel launches intensive strikes in Syria after jet crashes

No ‘Russian option’ for Israel in Syria

Israel launches intensive strikes in Syria after jet crashes

The prime minister said that he has been warning for months about the dangers of Iran's military entrenchment in Syria.

Russia called on the two sides to exercise restraint, adding that any threat to the safety of Russian servicemen was "unacceptable".

"You know that the great Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, has pronounced that the Zionist regime will end in less than 25 years and with the blessings of God, the Iranian nation will realize this truth", he maintained.

Israeli media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was now holding an emergency meeting with Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Israel says a drone launched from a Syrian military base was shot down by Israeli forces after it crossed into Israeli airspace, a charge which both Iran and the the coalition of pro-Syrian government forces deny.

Israel is also aware of the consequences - if a full scale conflict ignites across the northern border, analysts estimate Hezbollah could launch a huge number of missiles onto Israeli cities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday evening that Israel holds Iran and Syria responsible for the latest "aggression". If the conflict escalates, it could end up adding a risky angle to the ongoing Syrian conflict - and one that could wind up involving other powers in the region and beyond. "Iran only provides military advice to Syria", TV quoted Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi as saying.

Hours earlier Israel said it had downed an Iranian drone that had infiltrated its airspace. There was an intentional attack, and Israel was forced to respond, first to the threat on her territory, and later to those who acted against it in enmity from Syrian soil. Iran's involvement in the conflict, specifically the regular deployment of Iranian and Iran-backed forces in support of the Syrian regime and President Bashar al-Assad near the Israeli border, is already has Israel on edge. "There were new Israeli airstrikes around the capital, Damascus, according to Syrian state media and Damascus residents".

But the promised gates of hell did not open, even when Israel attacked Iranian targets on Syrian territory and, according to unverified reports, Iranian military personnel were killed.

"Twelve targets, including three aerial defence batteries and four Iranian targets that are part of Iran's military establishment in Syria were attacked", a military statement said. The Iraqi Nujaba Party of God, a Shiite militia, is also active in Syria and is dedicated to the liberation of the Occupied Golan Heights. "We agreed that the security coordination between our armies would continue", said Netanyahu, referring to the so-called deconfliction mechanism that is geared to guaranteed that Israeli and Russian aircraft don't collide over Syrian skies.

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