YouTube Is Temporarily Suspending Ads On Logan Paul's Videos

Entertainment | 1 hour

Entertainment | 1 hour

The "think of the children" request did in fact reach YouTube, and they announced via Twitter that they were temporarily disabling all the ads on Logan Paul's videos.

YouTube said in a statement Friday morning that it would be temporarily removing all ads from the channel operated by the creator Logan Paul.

Paul initially made headlines on New Year's Eve 2017 when he posted a video of his trip to Japan that featured footage of a suicide victim.

His channels were also removed from YouTube's Google Preferred platform, which features its most popular content in packages for sale to advertisers.

YouTube said it was penalizing Paul for posting videos in which he tasered a dead rat and "encouraged followers to do the Tide Pod challenge" (that's eating laundry detergent).

Logan Paul may begin to rethink his controversial vlogging tactics now that YouTube has suspended his income like a disapproving parent.

This is a bigger effect for Paul than YouTube's first punishment, which simply removed Paul from Google Preferred, the company's top-tier ad group for creators. The falling out of this event was intense and even though the video was bad, the YouTuber still has millions of followers.

But it is videos that Paul posted in the past week that are the immediate impetus for YouTube's action.

If Paul continues to violate YouTube's policies, ads could be permanently disabled from his channel, per YouTube's guidelines.

"We may remove a channel's eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on our home page, trending tab or watch next", Ariel Bardin, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, writes in a blog post.

ABC News has asked Paul for comment but has not immediately heard back. "What other YouTuber can take a three-week break and still get a million subscribers?" he said.

YouTube has once again taken issue with Logan Paul.

The punishment should be a financial hit for Paul, who can reportedly rake in around $36,000 a day via his monetized YouTube videos.

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