The source code for the iPhone just leaked online

The code has since been replaced with

Image The code has since been replaced with

Apple indirectly confirmed that the source code posted on GitHub was legit after it issued a DMCA takedown under penalty of perjury on Wednesday.

Apple's reputation as a provider of operating systems that are more secure than the alternatives is taking yet another hit, as Apple's iOS source code for the iPhone reportedly hs been posted on the web.

The leak could also make it easier for security researchers to find and report flaws to Apple. This is the very first program that runs when a user powers up their iPhone.

Apple has since responded and said that the leak concerns source code from iOS 9, which was released in 2015.

A skilled anonymous hacker leaked the source code for Apple's ultra-secret iBoot software on Wednesday, raising fears that nearly any iPhone might be vulnerable to hackers. Speaking with Motherboard, security researcher, Jonathan Levin, noted that this leak "brings us closer to a truly liberated iOS booted on generic arm boards and/or emulators".

As Macrumors points out, modern iOS devices have Secure Enclave processor protection, which hardens device security.

"The "iBoot" source code is proprietary and it includes Apple's copyright notice". It was first revealed by Motherboard and contained code labelled "iBoot", the base instructions for how Apple maintains a trusted environment when starting up an iPhone. However, one clone of this code has already remerged on GitHub, meaning you can probably find it if you really really want it. He also pointed out that the leaked code "aligns with the code he reverse engineered himself". A new leak, however, reveals some of Apple's most important secrets.

Likewise, it is believed that the iBoot code could be the key to jailbreak existing iOS versions, including iOS 11.

This is the second time iOS 9's iBoot code has been posted online. And that's likely the case with iBoot, where the merely curious and those interested in discovering valuable vulnerabilities in Apple's code have surely downloaded the source code. It's likely we'll see some changes in the source code moving forward in order to address some of the damage that is now possible at the hands of enterprising hackers.

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