Sen. Angus King celebrates after helping ME net a lobster emoji

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Lobster and microbe characters are among the more interesting animal emoji in Unicode 11, while useful food items include leafy greens, bagel and salt.

Is there an emoji missing that you want? All the new emoji can be seen here.

"Not only is the lobster of substantial cultural relevance", he argued, but according to online data, it also garners public interest that is at least equal to that of the crab, which already has its own emoji.

After a new upcoming lobster emoji for smartphones and other devices was announced, Maine Senator Angus King took to Twitter to show his happiness about this new way of expressing pride in his state, local TV channel WMTW reported Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium revealed the finalized list of 157 emoji that will arrive as a part of the Unicode 11 standard. Apple and Google make the actual emoji images themselves, leading to occasional controversies, such as Google's inability to build a decent burger.

Hair is a big deal in the new options with options for red hair, curly hair white hair and even one for baldness! If you've been feeling a bit perplexed as to how you can accurately describe that feeling when the blood drains from your face, the Consortium included a "cold face", and if the opposite is true, a "hot face".

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