Apple set to abandon iPhone X

A previous report suggested that the Cupertino giant no longer manufactures the iPhone 6 Plus

A previous report suggested that the Cupertino giant no longer manufactures the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple is using 3D sensors for facial recognition to unlock screens in the iPhone X. That's what Apple wants you to believe.

Risk of cannibalization and brand dilution, combined with potential volume constraints and cost considerations, all point to pretty strong justifications for why Apple might kill off its most important flagship in years just one year after introduction. The only segment that didn't achieve growth north of 10% was the iPhone 8-led smartphone business, but the modest 2% advance there isn't so surprising with the iPhone X hitting the market the following quarter.

Media stories about Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have trended somewhat positive on Monday, according to Accern Sentiment.

Now, however, it looks like the company might actually cancel the iPhone X this summer due to those disappointing numbers. However, iPhone 6 Plus users may be getting a better deal.

On the other hand, KGI's forecast interestingly suggests that Apple will eventually stop making the now available iPhone X device later this year once the production of the new iPhones to be released in 2018 ramps up.

The departure of the original iPhone X is likely to be filled well with the new versions that KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo a year ago as 6.5-inch OLED and 6.1-inch LCD models. This is presumably in light of reports that Apple iPhone X sales were not as high as expected. First and foremost, the iPhone X launched much later than Apple's iPhone 8 models.

As with this replacement situations, the company offers the users to have a replacement of iPhone battery or the whole device replacement of an existing iPhone 6 Plus, possibly from Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. Analysts at the firm predict that Apple will sell less iPhones in the 2018 financial year. Apple may have plans to drop the "X" moniker, and do away with the rest of the iPhone numbering system, too. Instead, iPhone X will probably disappear altogether, while a new set of two iPhone X-like devices will take its place. Sinolink Securities analyst Zhang Bin said nearly everyone who wanted an iPhone X had already purchased it. That doesn't equate to the phone being discontinued because it's a market failure. We estimate these cuts could be between 2-5 million units for the March quarter. Fubon Securities analyst Arthur Liao told investors recently that the iPhone X sales were "far below expectations" as there was "no exciting super cycle".

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