Iran slams US-trained Kurdish force in Syria

PYD  PKK oppressing Kurds in Afrin Syrian Kurds spox

Turkey discusses operation in Syria's Afrin with Russia, US — deputy PM

Turkey called on the USA for collecting all weapons that are delivered to the YPG as the fight against Islamic State (IS) in Syria has completed. This will keep Syria divided forever, leaving the Kurds fully dependent on US aid in the wake of increased regional tensions, while the USA gets another foothold for its West Asian geopolitical manoeuvring.

The U.S.'s plan is to carve out a sphere of influence in the middle of West Asia's most risky conflict and have it guarded by the battle-hardened Kurdish forces.

Reuters quoted him as saying (probably from the same speech): "A country we call an ally is insisting on forming a terror army on our borders", Erdogan said of the United States.

The PYD/PKK is the Syrian offshoot of the PKK, which has been designated a terrorist organization by Turkey, the USA and the EU.

The YPG is part of an alliance with a number of ethnic Arab militias called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Kurdish leaders promised to defend Afrin and urged the worldwide community to prevent Turkey targeting what they said were its 1 million residents.

With the planned 30,000-strong border force, which will mostly draw fighters from the SDF, the not only institutionalising the militia, but also setting the stage for a prolonged stay in Syria.

News broke on Saturday that the USA was helping the SDF build a new "border security force".

Turkish tanks have been building up along the border near Afrin and troops have been shelling the enclave from inside the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib.

"The U.S. has admitted to setting up a terrorist army along our country's borders". He said they removed parts of the wall already built along the border to allow in new equipment. "Then, our role is to choke this army of terror before it is born", declared an angered President Erdogan, reported Kurdistan 24 on Monday.

Despite rejecting the regime change and nation-building model of past USA interventions in the region, Tillerson said that the United States must not repeat its "mistake" in leaving Iraq.

"As we have seen from Iran's proxy wars and public announcements, Iran seeks dominance in the Middle East and the destruction of our ally Israel", he said.

"The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria, focused on ensuring that ISIS can not re-emerge", Tillerson said, using an abbreviation for the Islamic State group.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani later told the visiting Syrian parliament speaker that the USA plan is a "plot" against Syria's territorial integrity and security, according to comments posted on the president's website.

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