Flash Freeze Warning in effect

Thursday's weather forecast for Cape Breton

UPDATED: Mild temperatures, heavy rains will mean substantial snowmelt for parts of Newfoundland this weekend

A flash freeze warning in effect that is going to cause roads, walkways and parking lots to be come icy and hazardous.

Mild and rainy conditions are expected most of Thursday in southern Ontario and into Friday, with 10 to 20 millimetres likely in most areas.

In New Hamburg, residents of properties near the Nith River were being warned that they could face flooding by the afternoon, with water levels peaking in the evening.

Ice jams were a risk in the Cayuga area, where water levels were expected to peak Saturday evening.

Temperatures dropped this morning with the passage of a cold front, and rain changed to freezing rain and snow.

Latest analysis suggests that any freezing rain that does occur will be fairly light and patchy.

Expect quick freezes making roads and sidewalks slippery when the cold returns.

Environment Canada has issued a flash freeze warning for the entire province, rainfall warnings for Queens and Prince counties and a freezing rain warning for Prince County.

Mainly sunny skies are in Friday's forecast and a high temperature of 11 C.

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