New TripAdvisor feature aims to flag sexual assault concerns

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TripAdvisor now has a digital badge to mark hotels where sexual assault was reported

TripAdvisor rolled out a new label identifying businesses where claims of sexual assault and other serious safety issues occurred, but the language used in the new badge lacks any keywords that would clearly warn travelers or indicate the nature of the claims.

After facing a massive backlash from those revelations, the company republished Love's review and released a statement explaining that it had tighter rules when she submitted it. CEO Steve Kaufer also said the company had apologized to her, but it looks like TripAdvisor's apology was the publicly released statement itself - she said she never received a single phone call or email from the company.

Three hotels in Mexico were badged on Wednesday, a TripAdvisor spokesman said.

The app is going to include badges for "health, safety, and discrimination issues in all of the website's travel categories".

The Journal Sentinel reports that after TripAdvisor deleted Love's post, at least two more women were sexually assaulted at the same resort complex. The newspaper subsequently noticed TripAdvisor had removed multiple reviews that described situations in which the reviewer had experienced assault.

TripAdvisor and Iberostar Hotels & Resorts both did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation's request for comment by time of publication.

"These badges will remain on TripAdvisor for up to three months".

The company has since vowed to clarify why certain reviews are rejected. Kristie Love from Dallas said she was raped by an Iberostar security guard in 2010, but staff refused to call in authorities.

From now on TripAdvisor will place symbols next to hotels and resorts where violent incidents like assault and rape have been reported.

Officials at the site said at the time their policy needed to be "G-rated" which prevented information like the woman's story to be deleted.

The policy was changed a few years later to enable consumers to post about issues including sexual assault and rape, he said.

"In that review, there's a line about a doctor making a medical diagnosis". Destinations will be marked for up to 3 months before needing a new review unless TripAdvisor extends it. "Several of them have chosen to rewrite their reviews and edit out that second-hand information".

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