EU President, Juncker outlines life after Brexit

Labour MP Kate Hoey who campaigned for Leave said she believed'lot of MPs would vote against any'excessive payment

Labour MP Kate Hoey who campaigned for Leave said she believed'lot of MPs would vote against any'excessive payment

Juncker said he would ask European Union governments for the authority to begin market-opening negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.

It would aim to conclude talks with Mexico and the South American trading bloc Mercosur, led by Brazil and Argentina, by the end of the year.

Pro-Brexit supporters argued before the EU referendum a year ago that closer defence cooperation between the bloc's member states was another sign of closer union, and on Tuesday the Veterans for Britain group said the paper was "a grave mistake". A divisive issue among European Union governments that could take years to negotiate, the measure is a political reward for Macron after he defeated far-right challenger Marine Le Pen in France's presidential election and his upstart centrist party secured a majority in a subsequent parliamentary ballot.

The plan met swift resistance.

The bill hands that job to ministers who are appointed by the prime minister. Delivering his annual state of the union address here, Juncker said Brexit would be a "sad, tragic" moment for the EU but that the 27-member union would "move on", BBC reported.

Mr Juncker evoked the Queen to describe how Brexit helped to make 2016 an "annus horribilis" for the European project.

Juncker did not mention any country, but most European Union concern over reciprocity and investment has centered on China. He also proposed a European intelligence unit to ensure the automatic sharing of data on suspected jihadists, and for a planned European prosecutor's office to be able to peruse those involved in cross-border terrorist transactions.

It spells out that the United Kingdom is "unconditionally committed to maintaining European security" but you come away feeling that the "bargaining chip" element in this relationship has not completely gone away.

Last month, De La Rue's creative director Julian Payne, who designed the current British passport, took part in a talk with Dezeen Studio director Ben Hobson at the V&A in London to discuss the politics of passport design.

The Schengen Zone should be expanded to include Bulgaria and Romania, but Turkey's membership of the EU has been ruled out because, as Juncker said, "Turkey has been taking giant strides away from the European Union". The Western Balkan countries in particular need a "credible" plan, he said.

He criticised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government for the arrest of journalists and a crackdown following an attempted coup a year ago.

Juncker also urged Turkey "to let our journalists go" following the arrests of French and German journalists under a mass domestic crackdown.

Mr Juncker will use the speech today to show that despite Brexit, the European Union will move towards greater integration.

"We must respect the will of the British people, but we will move forward, we will move forward - because Brexit is not everything, because Brexit is not the future of Europe", the veteran politician added.

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