EPL Clubs Vote For Early Closure Of Transfer Window

Jonjo Shelvey

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This summer's transfer window closed on August 31, more than two weeks after the start of the Premier League season, but next season it will move to 5 p.m. on the day before the first games.

European leagues will still be able to buy and sell until 31 August, while the Football League's window also remains unaltered.

Manchester United and Manchester City were outvoted by other Premier League clubs, over closing the transfer window before the start of the season.

"They all fully understand that this is about buying, you can only stop people from signing, you can't stop people selling if other leagues have a different window".

Others were quick to point out that poor behaviour over forthcoming transfers from players or agents are becoming all-too common and if this is going on whilst the season has started it can be an enormous distraction for the team concerned. The fear is that it could give clubs participating in Champions League play the opportunity to strengthen at the expense of British clubs. "If you wait until the end of the transfer market, you could have problems".

Calls were made to change the window's schedule and the Premier League clubs have voted to alter it. "That said, I'm absolutely in favour of this initiative". From 2018 onward, the summer transfer window will now close before the new season gets underway. "The transfer window is exhausting", he said recently.

Arsenal refused to sell Alexis Sanchez after failing to secure a replacement, while Liverpool did not budge from their unwillingness to let Philippe Coutinho complete a switch to Barcelona.

Jones added: "While the transfer record for a single player has again been broken by a major European club, the Premier League's clubs enjoy an unrivalled depth of purchasing power, as a result of the League's relatively equal - and transparent - distribution of broadcast revenues".

The move, which will take effect from next year, was approved after 14 clubs - the minimum required to pass the change - voted in favour on Thursday.

Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta says Serie A's 20 clubs are in agreement to "set the end of the transfer window on July 31" in Italy.

"That is good news", he said.

UNITED and Manchester City led the charge against the Premier League's revolutionary idea to close the summer transfer window early.

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