Man gives last generator to crying Lowe's customer

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Nancy Alvarez WFTV

On Thursday, ABC affiliate WFTV in Orlando was at a Lowe's Home Improvement store as residents frantically prepared for Irma.

Pam Brekke, who traveled nearly 30 miles from her Sanford home to the Orlando store, was next in line to purchase a generator when she watched workers load the final unit onto a cart for the customer who was standing before her in line.

This lady's father is on oxygen.

There were 200 generators in stock at 7 a.m., and red-vested Lowe's workers were unloading them, distributing each one to customer after customer in line. The last generator at that store was taken off the shelves by other customers - as she watched.

As employees of a Lowe's loaded the store's last generator onto a cart, Pam Brekke turned away in tears, WFTV reported. Ramon Santiago didn't know Brekke but gave up his generator for her. Santiago barely speaks English but could understand Brekke's tears.

Brekke, crying, emotionally hugged Santiago, telling him he was her "angel" while he kept assuring her everything was going to be OK.

"She needs the generator", he told WFTV-TV. She said she had just finished her shift doing the morning news and was queuing with a pile of batteries in preparation for the storm. "It's okay. No worry for them", said Santiago.

"I'm very overwhelmed by that man". "That gentleman was a great gentleman right there".

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