Rush Limbaugh escapes Hurricane Irma after calling it fake news

Rush Limbaugh speaking during a ceremony inducting him into the Hall of Famous Missourians in the state Capitol in Jefferson City Mo. Limbaugh has created a storm of his own by suggesting

Rush Limbaugh: Coverage of Irma Reveals Left-Wing Bias

As Hurricane Irma heads toward Florida, shoppers in the Miami area increased their spending on gas, food and plywood to board up their homes at a higher rate than Houston residents did before Harvey, according to payment technology company First Data Corp.

Fundamental physical principles and observed weather trends mean we already know some of the answers - and we have for a long time. The strongest hurricanes have gotten stronger because of global warming.

He also claimed to have read the paths of the hurricane and was certain it would curve into the Atlantic and not hit the US.

The conservative commentator said he would broadcast his show next week "from parts unknown".

Many other experts have issued warnings, starting with NASA scientist James Hansen's landmark 1988 Senate testimony that global warming had begun and, if left unchecked, would threaten the future of human civilization.

President Donald Trump, a climate-change skeptic, called Hurricane Harvey "epic", "historic". That's important work, but it also shows how mired we still are in the false debate over whether climate change is real, and unsafe.

"Where the sea is higher you're going to increase the risk of risky coastal flooding".

Severe hurricanes have happened in the past at Harvey's level of intensity. Multiply the death and destruction in Texas a hundredfold to comprehend the scale of devastation in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, where-although the news coverage has been a fraction of Harvey's-a staggering 16 million children "are in urgent need of life-saving support" after "torrential monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding", UNICEF reports. There are scientific linkages we're still trying to work out. Writing in a CNBC op-ed Tuesday, Goodman, one of the highest-ranking women ever to serve in the Defense Department, urged the government to start integrating the potential impacts climate change into infrastructure planning.

These linkages are preliminary, and scientists are still actively studying them. "They were going house to house finding people on rooftops and getting them out knocking on doors where they could get to them and getting people out of houses", said Chief Mike Tucker, with the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Which leads us, inevitably, to a discussion of policy - and, indeed, politics. All because of climate change. Along with more extreme weather, climate change is bringing a raft of tough questions that we'll be reckoning with for generations. We are seeing them play out before us here and now. "It's clear that we need to think bigger and act now".

The Trump administration, however, seems determined to lead us backward. "He is putting people's lives at risk", he tweeted.

But three days later, the shock jock changed his tune.

By paving over so much of its wetlands, which act like massive sponges that can absorb tremendous amounts of flood water, Houston set itself up for disaster.

Harvey and Irma are sad reminders that policy matters.

"Even without climate change, as a society, we need to adapt and develop ways of protecting ourselves", Jackson said. We should demand better of our leaders.

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