Rihanna Launches Highly-Anticipated Fenty Beauty Collection



The Barbadian singer graces the cover of Elle magazine's October issue, in which she is asked by magician David Copperfield where she would go if she could disappear and reappear anywhere in the world.

The businesswoman, whose new makeup collection has been eagerly awaited upon by beauty-lovers, found herself at the receiving end of online criticism last month when a sports blogger wrote a column called, 'Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?'.

Rihanna's got beauty on the brain. We are women and we have challenges. The entire range of Fenty Beauty went on sale at all Sephora Australia bricks-and-mortar stores at 9am AEST.

The line, which dropped yesterday, offers 40 different colors and each shade has a warm and cool undertone-and according to Vogue, the brand may even start offering custom mixed shades for individual consumers. Get it at http://fentybeauty.com at Midnight tonight!

We're so used to seeing her impossibly flawless skin (is she actually human?), plus her lips that suit basically every colour you may throw on them, but we probably didn't realise how much of a beauty geek Rihanna truly is.

The collection promised to make our selfies look fleek AF and using a combination of mattifying and illuminating to achieve award ceremony-worthy skin. No one is ignored. It should never feel like a uniform.

Was there ever a more Rih-esque name for a product? As for prices, everything hovers around the "what you'd pay for designer makeup" mark.

There's also a mattifying primer, lip gloss, makeup sponge, foundation brush, highlight brush, and three magnetic portable brushes. "Beauty for all, that's what I believe in, that's what Fenty Beauty is about".

"There's so many different shades", she said. Really, it's not surprising considering that brand reps report the pop star and fashion mogul's goal with Fenty Beauty was to help her global fan base experience the same transformative power she found after trying makeup for the first time on the pageant circuit at 15.

"We worked really long and hard on this texture and formula, and I wanted these shimmer crystals to feel so minute, and so small, for a smooth finish".

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