Jaguar Land Rover goes all-electric from 2020 - all you need to know

EnlargeDavid Rogers  Getty Images

EnlargeDavid Rogers Getty Images

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that all its new vehicles will be electrified from 2020.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has pledged to stop building cars powered exclusively by petrol and diesel.

"Every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020", Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralf Speth said in a statement.

Jaguar Land Rover has set out its commitment to the electrification of its vehicles, saying that all new vehicles from 2020 will come with electric options, be that fully electric, plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid. No other reproduction or distribution is permitted without prior written consent. The banner for this would-be enterprise is to 'future-proof classic vehicle ownership, ' allowing those who already own an antique automobile to continue driving it in an EV future where, theoretically, gasoline is no longer easily attainable.

The advantage that the I-Pace has entering the market as a pure electric vehicle is that it has been designed around the electric powertrain, rather than being constrained by the architecture of an older combustion engine design.

The first Jaguar to feature all-electric power will be the upcoming I-Pace SUV. "The advanced speech recognition software will allow it to answer your questions, connect you to the news, organise your travel and select your entertainment", Jaguar Land Rover said. And yes, full-on electric vehicles are still very much a part of JLR's future, as evidenced by its latest concept, the Future-Type.

Sweden's Volvo is also moving away from internal combustion engines, announcing in July that it plans to start phasing out production of conventional petrol-only cars from 2019. The hybrid autos reduce fuel burn by being able to drive short distances or boost performance with the help of electric motors.

Past and future are holding hands at Jaguar Land Rover as the company has just re-launched its iconic E-type 1968 with a twist: it comes complete with electric engine.

The luxury vehicle maker claims the Sayer concept is the first voice-activated artificial-intelligence steering wheel capable of carrying out hundreds of tasks.

While neither seems to be a ideal implementation of forward-thinking technology - the E-type Zero features an incongruously-appointed carbonfibre dashboard and modern rotary gear selector, the Future-Type some erroneous "emotion" references for what is ostensibly a wheeled smartphone - both show that JLR isn't simply limiting itself to electric powertrains, and is considering a wider range of topics as the brand goes forward into the future.

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