'Mother!' Actress Spotted in Venice Airport With Director Boyfriend

Captain cool Darren waited patiently to get off the boat

Captain cool Darren waited patiently to get off the boat

The Playlist writes that it's "Aronofsky's most bombastic, ludicrous and fabulous film, spiked with a kind of reckless, go-for-broke, leave-it-all-up-there-on-the-screen abandon, it is simply one of the most films ever".

Does it get any more glamorous than this? The film hits theaters on September 15, so Lawrence and Aronofsky have been on the press circuit together. Actually, Lawrence and Aronofsky didn't even stand next to each other. If you're Jennifer Lawrence, you find the most attractive sheer ballgown hanging in your wardrobe (or closet, as she probably calls it) and throw it on. What was fascinating, for me, was how the audience I saw it with reacted so primal, not too different from the freakish audience in the movie. You'll either get something you want from mother! or you'll feel like you were robbed.

She said: "I texted "I think you have severe psychological problems" followed by "it's a masterpiece". Nothing is safe about mother!

"... Aronofsky's film is ultimately concerned with the parasitic nature of the male artist; how he drains the lifeblood from all those around him in the name of creativity and ego fuel".

Michelle Pfeiffer and Javier Bardem conveniently stood between the couple at various times, keeping the focus on the ensemble as the over-the-top, surrealist horror movie raked in mostly positive reviews.

Indiewire says the film "begins as a slow burn and builds toward a furious blaze", and that while it's just as much a "baroquely orchestrated big-screen freak-out" as the director's Black Swan, it's really much more. Others have named it "breathtaking", with The Hollywood Reporter's early review declaring it "a very Rosemary's Baby-like intimate horror tale". She kicked off the day in a relatively laid-back, yet still perfectly put-together, ensemble as she arrived at the Hotel Excelsior after enjoying a scenic boat ride with Aronofsky through the historic city's canals.

The actress is especially excited for fans to see mother!

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