'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

American Horror Story Cult Invites Viewers to Join the Creepy Clown Ranks

When does American Horror Story: Cult start?

Cult is inspired by the 2016 presidential reaction and its aftermath, but it is not directly about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Though the season is due to offer many of its usual twists and turns, Murphy calls the cycle a "grounded" one and compares it to common fan-favorite season Asylum. Should we be afraid? Ivy is a bit upset that Ally's been so wrapped up in post-election blues that she's also been absent from her duties at the restaurant they co-own. Their friends, the Changs, yell at each other. Don't say we didn't warn you. Murphy, a noted Democrat, keeps things fair by satirizing both sides of the political spectrum to seemingly show, as he puts it, just how "ridiculous" the world we're living in has become. Winter claims he has an overactive imagination and that she found Twisty comic book in his room. The growing fear, stemming from identity politics, is something Kai capitalizes on and Murphy leans into that fear with Ally's many phobias: She has a fear of clowns, blood, holes and coffins, to name a few. He prescribes her some pills and encourages her to stop obsessing over social media and focus on her marriage and her child instead.

"I'm a character actor, and I really like to do stuff that's kind of out there and edgy, and I don't want to be seen as anything when I'm acting", says Bono of not taking transgender roles specifically.

Either way, she runs out of the store and into her auto, where one of them is sitting in the backseat. Or did he? Are they real or is the show already attempting to gaslight us by presenting unreliable witnesses.

"This is the biggest departure that I think most people have seen [from me], and it's serious", he said. Even the most basic places are no longer safe: A trip to the grocery store starts off ominously when a MAGA hat-wearing cashier declares, "We finally got a real leader in Washington". "What do humans love the most?". Let us know your take in the comments section below! As Ally and Ivy are arguing about the election outside, Kai comes along and throws his drink at them. Terrified that something terrible has happened to their son, they're in a frenzy but eventually find him and Winter. You can probably guess where this is going. Ally and Ivy look to hire a nanny, who is naturally exposed as rather shady so that the audience can be "in the know", and decidedly uncomfortable. They hire Winter, who acts sweet and nice during the interview.

Meanwhile back at home, Winter's watching their son and decides it'd be a great idea to show him "the dark web" and a video of a woman being repeatedly stabbed. She's easily provoked and he's trying to provoke.

In the next scene, Kai appears in front of the city council members to hear about "what's going on in the world". Or, at the very least, has concocted a violent end for the couple he only thinks he witnessed being murdered, if his new babysitter Winter is to be believed. Ally retorts. "She didn't campaign enough in the battleground states". The episode ends with Ally in bed, rolling over to see another killer clown. This premiere is definitely different from previous seasons. Did these murderous clowns really kill the Changs next door? Is he hallucinating them as well? His dyed hair might imply that he's aligned with Kai and Winter, who also have dyed hair.

The point? This could all be in Ally and Oz's heads, but it seems unlikely.

Later, we find out Gary Longstreet told the police he never saw any clowns.

Given the subject matter, American Horror Story: Cult might have been a lazy "good guys vs. bad guys" narrative.

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