Swiss resident dies after running into bonfire at Burning Man festival

This is still pretty confusing but at least

This is still pretty confusing but at least"6:30 Neptune isn't an address. Burning Man

Even though the fire is 16 miles away from the Burning Man festival, there is no risk to those present.

A man, revealed to be Aaron Joel Mitchell, is said to have broken through two safety perimeter barriers to run into the fire at the event.

Aaron Joel Mitchell, a United States citizen who lived in Switzerland, pushed pass two sets of security on Saturday night in order to run into the burning structure. Nevada's Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen added that the doctors confirmed that while there were no indications that he had alcohol in his system, they were awaiting a toxicology report to identify if Mitchell had consumed drugs. Graphic photos and videos purporting to show the moment that 41-year-old Aaron Joel Mitchell ran and dove into a structure that was fully engulfed in flames are being published on social media and beyond.

A man who caught on fire when he ran straight into the towering inferno at Burning Man died from his injuries on Sunday.

According to the official statement from Burning Man, the attendee was rescued by Black Rock City fire personnel.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world head to Burning Man festival every year.

Burning Man's website says that participants and staff have been provided with emotional support and has called for togetherness.

Know as one of the most unique festivals in the world, people from around the world often travel to Black Rock Desert in Nevada to take part in it.

Burning Man festival organisers said in a statement that counselling services are available to anyone affected by the incident.

Mitchell was an American citizen who was living in Switzerland with his wife, Allen said.

The arts and music festival features the burning of a giant wooden effigy each year, with the humanoid structure reaching approximately 50 feet into the air.

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